Friday, September 17, 2004

Settling into Grenoble

So its been almost three weeks in Grenoble and I still dont have my Carte de Sejour (my Residence Permit). ... it goes without saying that France has to be the most bureaucratic country I have visited so far. Germany is like the Streamline-Express compared to this place.

I mean with EU integration, I am still not clear why I needed one in the first place... .I had a student visa when I entered Germany and I even didnt need a visa when I entered Germany as an Australian. But seems Australians need one when they get to France.... I guess the rules are not uniform... or scewed !

Anyway, after collecting a whole heap of documents, Health Insurance, repatriations Insurance, Civil Liability Insurance, Birth Certificates, Passport, Visa, Bank Statements, even a Letter of Motivation.... I am living in France, have a temporary residence permit, registered at the school, have free car parking at the school, a private swimming pool, and a Landlady that washes my clothes !! Not bad Eh ?? (sorry the Eh is a Canadian influence.... I just cant shake it !!)

I didn't manage to find a place in the centre of town, its actually a 10 minute drive by car, but its still relatively close.... if you dont yet have my address, do make sure to get in touch with me.

Grenoble is a student village.... lots of bars and the centre of town is amazing to sit out doors and have a drink or two... The in thing seems to be the weekend hiking.... but who can walk for 5 hours in the hot sun for fun ?? Hangin' out for the Winter.... skiing seems to be the talk of the School... and there are no shortage of mountains in the area...

Still cant manage to get photos on my Blog... but here is a link to my yahoo album:


Friday, September 03, 2004

Going Down-Under in Grenoble

Arrived in Grenoble at 17:00, Tuesday 31st of August,

- had an amazing drive from Pforzheim, Germany via Switzerland.. very scenic... and had lunch outside of Geneva on the side of the freeway, watching the Swiss Airforce roulettes practice their acrobatic flying routine... FANTASTIC ! Do the Swiss really need an Airforce ??

can you imagine a snail carrying his house across Europe.. thats what it was like !! ... A lost Aussie, stuffed all his belongings into a tiny Fiat Brava (tiny Italian Car) with Lithuanian plates, leaving Germany to France.. Hey! .... its all for a good cause... Whatever!

...Pictures are on their way !!